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The technical session will focus on “Value From Data Sharing”.

Great value can be achieved by collaboration that would involve sharing data between O&G industry peers and suppliers. During the technical session you will hear from operators, suppliers, and technology providers within O&G.


This year, Alisa will share valuable knowledge about the importance of data sharing in sustainable waste management.

As the world is going through a transition towards a greener and more environmentally sustainable society, the O&G industry naturally follows the same pattern. Consequently, sustainable waste management plays a central role in this transition and fully supports circular economy.

The waste industry is currently focusing heavily on data sharing. At the same time, it depends on data availability from both customers and partners. During this session, you will be presented with several cases and learn how collaboration between customers and waste management companies can be improved by data sharing technologies:

  1. Data flow that follows value chain: from produced waste – its transportation – to its recycling.
  2. Waste reporting: data availability for O&G companies to meet authority requirements.
  3. Sustainability awareness – knowledge on how O&G waste was recycled and proactive suggestions for improvements on how O&G companies manage their waste based on data.

Join us in reaching the UN 17th Sustainable Development Goal “Partnerships for the Goals”. Through developing ecosystem partnerships between O&G companies and waste management companies.

You can join the technical session on Wednesday 31st August at 10:15 in Hall 1 -Vindafjord.
Get your ticket and read more about the session at the official ONS program page.

You can learn more about what to expect from SAR at ONS 2022 here.


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Written by Nina Øglænd

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