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An important step towards UN development goals

By Nina Øglænd on Dec 31, 2020 9:42:19 AM

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The Norwegian government recently released the budget proposal for 2021, and we at SAR are delighted to see that Norway is not only acknowledging, but also actually taking the vital steps necessary for a more environmental economy, by introducing a CO2 tax for incineration of general waste.


But what does this really mean for the market? The most prominent effect is the higher cost for the waste producers, which ultimately will lead to changes in behavior.


Waste producers will be motivated to minimize waste production, and maximize re-use and sorting – prompting both a more circular economy, and a more prudent sentiment towards consumption.


Even more important are the perceptual effects; suddenly environmental efforts pay off even financially - choose your raw materials with care, and put an effort into sorting your waste, and you will minimize the cost effect of this tax!


And the winner is:


Øyvnds people planet profit


Where are we going with this? Towards the underlying purpose of the UN Sustainability goals: IMPACT BY 2030, one step at a time​.

SAR applauds efforts like these by the Norwegian government, and our dedicated environmental consultants are prepared and ready to guide you on how to handle this – moving forward into a sustainable way of operations​.


Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd

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