At SAR, we are not just passive bystanders; we are active hunters of young talents through exciting learning programs, trainee positions, and close collaboration with colleges and universities. We understand that to secure the best and most future-oriented workforce, we must be where the young talents are. We convey our vision and values ​​related to environment and sustainability in practice through our learning programs. This makes us an attractive workplace for those seeking a meaningful profession with a positive impact on our environment.


Trainee Torgeir

SARs Trainee Torgeir Bøyum in the foreground alongside our HR advisor Guro Lunde and Director of People & Organization Jone Nevøy.


To contribute to the best possible learning and benefit for both parties, it is essential that apprentices and trainees thrive with us. At SAR, it's not just about getting a job, it's also about having the opportunity to become part of a dedicated team of colleagues who find it valuable and natural to share knowledge and experience. We offer mentor support and guidance from experienced professionals, and we provide our talents with both space for personal growth and the support needed to develop both professionally and personal.

Are you one of those who are nearing the finish line and ready to take off? If so, we would highly encourage you to contact SAR and our skilled and helpful HR advisor, Guro Lunde. From time to time, we advertise trainee positions and apprenticeships. Relevant and exciting master's theses are presented through UiS. We also encourage you to follow us on and our social platforms if you are looking for a position or apprenticeship in an exciting company with sustainability at its core. 

Link to contact page:


Apprenticeships with versatility and flexibility

In Risavika, we started our apprenticeship program in 2022, and every year we welcome two new apprentices to ensure a continuous flow of new talent. In Rogaland, we collaborate with OFIR (Training Office for Industrial Trades in Rogaland).

Since 2013, SAR has invested in apprentices on Averøy, and many of them have been offered permanent positions after completing their training. Currently, we have two apprentices at our treatment plant on Averøy, with more joining this fall. Ingrid L. Borge and Oskar Strzegocki are both apprentices in Chemical Process Engineering.

When asked what our "Averøy apprentices" would highlight as positive about their apprenticeship, both responded that it's the wide variety of tasks and everything they get to be involved in. At the same time, they find it very nice to be able to work in shifts. The workday involves a lot of different things such as screen control from the control room, equipment repairs, maintenance, and sampling. They are also occasionally placed with supplier companies within electrical and mechanical fields.


Ingrid og Oskar

Ingrid L. Borge and Oskar Strzegocki SARs apprentices in Chemical Process Engineering.


In the Logistics department in Tananger, we have Business Analyst Torgeir Bøyum on our team as our trainee. Torgeir started as a trainee in August 2023, and the trainee program concludes in August 2024.

"There is a very steep learning curve in SAR, which can be quite overwhelming at the beginning. However, it also provides a great sense of accomplishment as you work through it. I've been very fortunate to have worked for SAR over the past year, a company that is so active and innovative in the recycling and waste industry. I've learned more in the past year than in any previous years. I want to extend a big thank you to all the employees at SAR who have welcomed me with open arms since I walked through the door." (Torgeir Bøyum).


SAR is also pleased to announce that we are very fortunate and greatly look forward to having recently signed a new contract with a trainee in the finance department.


SAR aims to provide young individuals with positive learning experiences and future opportunities

A positive introduction to the workplace is crucial for fostering motivation and interest among the youth. Our training programs are valuable for SAR not only in terms of future recruitment but also for growth. Whether they secure a permanent position with us or their path leads elsewhere, we hope to have established valuable relationships.


"We are very conscious that taking on apprentices is a significant responsibility, and with us, they can be assured of receiving excellent support." - HR Director Jone Nevøy.


Rouven Uzelmaier took the leap fully!

In 2020, Rouven Uzelmaier was a trainee candidate at SAR. He rotated through both our sustainability department and operations department. After completing the trainee program, Rouven has been in a permanent position with us as a Business Developer ESG & Energy Management. You can read more about Rouven and his past as a trainee at SAR here:


Education and recruitment of skilled craftsmen for a sustainable future

As an environmental company, we see it as our duty to guide young people into a responsible working life. We are proud to contribute to the education of skilled craftsmen within environmental and sustainable waste solutions. We need their perspectives and knowledge to convert waste into value and to build a more sustainable society for the future.


Welcome aboard!

All our positions are advertised internally and externally, and for trainee positions, we collaborate with Personalhuset and Trainee Sørvest. In our onboarding process, all new hires, including trainees, are assigned one or more mentors to ensure a smooth transition into our SAR culture.


Education and business - a perfect match

SAR actively participates in Career Days and education fairs to attract candidates to our training programs. Collaboration with universities and colleges is crucial for offering relevant internship opportunities and for bridging the gap between education and the workforce. Historically, SAR has offered both trainee positions and apprenticeships in various fields such as HR, finance, logistics, and sustainability.




Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

Hi there, I am Gro, and I am tender- and marketing coordinator at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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