SAR has a highly developed program for apprenticeships within several fields. As an apprentice at SAR, you gain a unique competence which you can continue to develop through your career and just as important; you bring new expertise and knowledge to us.  

Here at SAR, we have a close collaboration with the apprentice offices and local businesses where we have our apprentice locations - currently in Averøy, Tananger and Sandnessjøen. We offer apprenticeship within the fields of chemistry and process, and logistics. 





- We take our responsibility seriously 

At Averøy, we have 6 apprentices today. We have been an approved apprentice company since 2013 and have since had 12 apprentices. One of them is Henrik Øhrn. He became a part of SAR when he was 16 years old and is now about to finish his apprentice time with us.  

I’m very happy with being at SAR because we get a lot of responsibility and are set to do a lot early in the apprenticeship. I have several classmates who doesn’t get to be this hands-on this early. And I have had the added opportunity to be able to participate in things that are not officially a part of the process operator certificate of apprenticeship, Henrik says. 

Einar Ingeborgvik is Branch Manager at Treatment Averøy, and has had several apprentices under his wing, including Henrik. He confirms that the apprentices are introduced to a variety of challenges and work hands-on from an early point in the process: 

With continous operations we are dependent on solving the problems when they arise. Because of that we educate the apprentices from the very beginning on maintenance, repairs and project work. 


Why be an apprentice at SAR? 

You get to contribute to the green shift in a company that has always sought to create value by reducing waste and turning waste to value. We are happy to see that the industry evolves extremely fast and have come a long way from the old way of thinking where waste was considered a problem, to the new way of thinking where all waste streams will become a resource as new products and raw material.  


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Our apprenticeship program of course covers the formal curriculum in addition to adapting it to SAR specific operations, and hence adding extra valuable lessons within circular economy and sustainability.

Ove Sundvor, Logistics Manager, explains why apprenticeship in SAR is valuable for your further career. 

There are many reasons. One main reason is that you get a very broad experience in the field of logistics, and you come across a lot of exciting and challenging areas. You gain experience within shipping, and might be able to join on a sailing trip with one of our freighters. You can also work in other departments with logistics, within warehousing and coordination. 

You get in touch with a strong professional environment within the logistics subject, so you will acquire competence beyond what is the competence requirement. And also in part acquire a network that you can benefit from further in your career.

Ove has seen several apprentices getting a job offer and continuing their career at SAR when they have reached their apprenticeship certificate. 


A societal responsibility 

We at SAR look at taking in apprentices as a societal responsibility. The industry needs more competence, and getting competent skilled people into the industry and the company is incredibly important. Jone Nevøy, Director of People and Organization, is clear on the value of having apprentices with us: 

These vocational educations are always evolving, and they incorporate the best practices in our company that we can learn from. We want to learn from them as much as they want to learn from us.

Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd

Hi there, I am Nina, and I am Commercial Director at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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