We are incredibly proud to share that Carina, one of our environmental advisors, will be a lecturer on the topic of chemistry at the first ever officially approved education in hazardous waste.

Fagskolen in Vestfold and Telemark in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Hazardous Waste (NFFA) has taken the initiative to establish an approved course in hazardous waste.

The program consists of six modules, and Fagskolen have engaged several people with high expertise in their subjects to lecture the participants. Carina Robberstad, one of our experienced environmental advisors will be lecturing in one of these modules, on the subject chemistry.

Basic chemistry is necessary for the students to be able to understand the properties of the waste and how chemicals could affect the environment, The topics will facilitate other subjects such as ecotoxicology and materials, which are other modules in the course.


Carina Bilde


Carina on her thoughts and expectations

When working with hazardous waste it is crucial to have an understanding of the chemical properties and hazards due to exposure, environment, classification, transport, handling and packaging.

The chemical properties of the waste also determine the downstream solution, i.e. whether the waste is recycled, treated, recovered to produce energy or deposited.

As a former lecturer, I think it is fun and rewarding to teach. This is the first course in Norway of its kind, and it gives me great motivation that there is so much interest in the study (long waiting list). In this course, I will mainly focus on basic chemistry, but I will also have the opportunity to link the chemistry to several practical examples from challenges we encounter with our customers and partners in SAR.

I am grateful and excited to be given the opportunity to take part in this. In my current position as an environmental advisor in SAR, I get to use my chemistry background, advise and teach. During my 2 years in SAR, I have gained a lot of good knowledge in hazardous waste and waste treatment that I would not have managed without the experience and knowledge that lies in the company.

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Companies that handle hazardous waste in Norway are defined to have a critical role in society and are subject to extensive regulations and government permits. The employees in these industries represent a wide range of education, both general higher education and practical experience. We think it is incredibly important to establish an arena to learn and to share knowledge on how to properly handle hazardous waste.

Every day we strive to assist our customers to prevent waste from occurring, improve source sorting and grow waste recycling. We actively contribute to our customers with the best environmentally friendly solutions to utilize resources in the best possible way and create new products.

We are very proud to both be an influencer in establishing an arena to learn about hazardous waste, and that one of our experienced environmental advisers has agreed to take part in this educational opportunity.

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About Carina Robberstad

Carina has a Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry and Biotechnology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Carina has previously worked as a laboratory engineer for an oil service company with optimizing drilling- and completion fluids.

Additionally, she has experience as a high school science teacher.


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