We are proud to introduce Alisa Smerdova, who will present opportunities on how data can be used as a powerful tool in both planning and improving processes. Join us on November 23rd and be inspired by ways you can utilise your data!



Make Data Smart 2022 Trondheim is held by the Business Unit for Business Intelligence & Analytics at DND Trondheim.

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The Importance of Data-sharing in Sustainability

With an increasing focus on sustainability, gaining information about your company’s environmental impact is crucial. This requires a well-established data foundation. The importance of such information is reflected in the increasing demands on delivering ESG reports to the government. The term refers to the companies’ responsibility within environment, social and governance.

At SAR, Sustainability is at the core of every process. Alisa plays an important role in ensuring that our customers achieve an efficient collaboration platform and a reduced environmental footprint.

Together with her team, she is developing solutions for higher efficiency and better data flow. Furthermore, the team is exploring ways to ensure increased control and tracking of every delivery of waste fractions. Through her efforts, she is highly engaged in knowledge-sharing across the whole organization.

More About Alisa Smerdova

Alisa has over 13 years of experience within oil & gas, energy, and several voluntary organisations. Furthermore, she has been a key speaker at ONS and was awarded as one of Norway’s Top Women in Tech in 2022 – an award given by the ODA-network (Norway’s leading network for women in tech) and Abelia (the NHO-association for knowledge and technology-based enterprises).

Alisa will be available at Make Data Smart 2022 to answer any of your questions! Please do not hesitate to contact.

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Written by Gro Lende

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