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SAR Celebrates 5-year anniversary of operations in Kuwait

By Nina Øglænd on Jul 1, 2020 7:15:00 AM

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In 2015 SAR established a facility for treatment of OBM cuttings in North Kuwait, and operation of the facility commenced on July 1st.

The objective of the project is to serve KOC initiative to reduce drilling operations impact on the environment by decreasing the number of new and existing drill cuttings pits.

We are very proud of the sustainable work we do in Kuwait, and we thank Kuwait Oil Company for the collaborative relationship over the last five years.

This achievement belongs to our dedicated International team and their strive to deliver operational excellence in everything they do.

SAR`s treatment facility has the capacity to treat up to 30,000 tons of OBM cuttings per year. During the five years of operation, SAR has cleaned over 80 old pits and served 96 rig sites.


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Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd