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SAR Norway: Our journey goes to..

By Gro Lende on Mar 30, 2023 8:30:00 AM

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SAR has the pleasure of introducing a new series of articles, showcasing our activities and locations across Norway.

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SAR is a leading global waste management partner and service provider. We have an extensive presence which enables us to process large quantities of waste with short lead times. Our expertise and flexibility also enables us to offer ad-hoc solutions for our customers.

With this "travel blog" we want to showcase SAR's activities at all our locations, spread along the coast, starting in Hammerfest, in the north, traveling all the way to Stavanger in the south. Our journey highlights the benefits of good cooperation between our departments, assiting our customers in the best possible way, creating value from their waste. 

We offer customers a complete solution for Waste Chain Management (WCM®), for the treatment and handling of all types of waste. We transform waste into reusable resources, creating a circular economy in line with the UN's goal no. 12, "Responsible consumption and production".


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Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

Hi there, I am Gro, and I am tender- and marketing coordinator at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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