SAR AS has signed a 5-year Collaboration Agreement with Ferdocean Shipping AS for the concept of offshore waste management.

The agreement strengthens the process of developing the concept consisting of a fully integrated offshore waste management system and technology, optimised for sustainable and environment-friendly operations. The great synergies between SAR AS and Ferdocean, will strengthen both company’s overall ability to deliver good solutions and services to both the local and global offshore market. SAR AS will with this collaboration be responsible for the waste management on board the Ferdocean vessels

«This Collaboration with Ferdocean Shipping AS will strengthen our strategic direction and opportunity to serve our customers with more innovative, circular and safe waste solutions for the future. It will also give the opportunity for our customers to gain cost reductions in their operations supporting a more sustainable future”, said Håvard Smørdal COO at SAR.


“We look forward to continue developing this service solution for waste management for the benefit of customers, suppliers and other partners”,

said CEO Eirik Ellingsen at Ferdocean Shipping AS.

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Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd