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A big welcome to our new Trainees!

By Nina Øglænd on Sep 13, 2021 10:00:00 AM

It is our firm belief that human resources is the key to reach our goal of a more sustainable future and we are proud and grateful when we welcome this years’ 2 new Trainees.  


We had a great experience this last year with our 4 trainees within Sustainability, HR and Finance, all of whom are now permanent employees in SAR. In a rapid changing market, it is of utmost importance to attract new talent to ensure innovation and new perspectives into the organisation. We find that the Trainee Sørvest program supply us in a fantastic way with high competence personnel where we can spend time developing together and reach results higher than even first imagined.  


This year Lisa Gabrielsen and Jahn Benedikt Nitschke has joined our analytics team for further development of our Data Driven Decision initiatives. They will work together with the organization on several improvement cases and analyses that will aid our understanding of both ourselves, our competitors and the markets. So far they have delivered well above expectations, and we cannot wait to see what our newest additions can add of value for the time to come!  


Lisa graduated from NTNU in 2020 with a Masters in chemical engineering and biotechnology, and brings with her invaluable experience form both lab- and industrial testing environments, as well as sustainability in packaging and business models.   


Ben holds a bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering, and graduated from UIS in 2021 with a masters in industrial economics on top. Ben brings with him great understanding of our value chain as well as valuable understanding of optimization problem solving and strategic analysis. 


We join Kristine Goa Kloven, our former Trainee, now BI Analyst People and Organisation in her welcome and advise to Lisa and Ben: Do not be afraid to throw yourself into new tasks/areas, even if you don`t have knowledge about it beforehand, that is when you learn the most.  


And do not forget to seek advice and help from others, you are not alone! 



What is Trainee Sørvest?


Trainee Sørvest is an interdisciplinary, regional trainee program. The goal is to retain, as well as attract the best candidates to ensure the right skills in our region. The program is a collaboration between the Business Association in the Stavanger region and the University of Stavanger. Read more: Trainee Sørvest (norwegian)


View all trainees in our region here. Presented by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.


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Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd

Hi there, I am Nina, and I am Commercial Director at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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