A good waste plan can help you secure environmental and economic benefits both in practice and from an ESG reporting perspective. It can help you achieve a lower environmental footprint, make better use of your company's space and work areas, and minimize your waste.

By systematizing and prioritizing waste management, your company can reap positive results as early as 2023.

Let this year be the starting point for better waste management.


A good waste plan facilitates a range of benefits and competitive advantages:
  • A lower environmental footprint
  • Effective use of your company's work areas
  • Minimization of waste quantities
  • Prevention of waste creation
  • Proper and functional equipment
  • A tidy work environment that creates a positive culture
  • Clear and accurate reporting
  • Compliance with regulations
  • A positive reputation by making a visible effort to protect nature and the environment


Gå ikke glipp av verdien en god avfallsplan kan gi deg!-1-1

Image: Environmental advisor Trine Nisja and her colleagues will assist you.


Together, we can convert waste into valuable resources

SAR is a professional waste management company with extensive knowledge and experience that can assist your company in developing a profitable and sustainable waste plan. Our skilled environmental advisors work every day to serve our customers with waste management challenges, and we always focus on putting sustainability at the center.

Through close collaboration and good planning, we can help your company secure valuable resources and reduce their environmental impact.

We offer a range consulting services in the areas of health, safety, environment, and waste. We regularly host courses to promote environmentally friendly and cost-effective Waste Chain Management™ throughout the entire value chain.

If you're interested in discussing how your company can integrate a waste plan, we can provide guidance and assist in developing a waste plan with practical and administrative procedures and clear responsibilities. 

Contact us for more information.


Take up the challenge and gain better control over your waste!

Learn more about SAR and how we handle, manage, clean, and remove waste.


Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

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