Check out our course calendar for 2024 and sign up for SAR's course in hazardous waste management! Our courses are very relevant to everyone involved in waste management and electronic declaration. This year we provide classroom courses on our premises, in facilities designed for well-being and learning. Additionally, we have courses held digitally through Teams, to accommodate the needs of offshore staff, or other participants who prefer this.




Trained by experts within the field – your path to competence

Our courses are led by knowledgeable environmental consultants, guaranteeing high-quality training. We aim to provide a valuable and exciting learning experience by focusing on the latest regulations and best practices within waste-management. The course agenda is tailored to address current challenges in hazardous waste management, incorporating practical exercises, theoretical tasks, dialogues, and most importantly, knowledge transfer. To ensure that our customers derive maximum benefit from each course, we analyze and adjust in accordance with the feedback received through participant's course evaluations. Your words matter to us!

For our classroom sessions, we will provide lunch and energy replenishments throughout the day to ensure that your personal motivation and engagement remains at high levels!


Benefits of participating in SAR hazardous waste courses

Attending our courses on handling hazardous waste and electronic declaration not only gives you relevant knowledge, but it will also open doors for personal and professional development. Enroll now, and you will achieve;

  • Updated Knowledge: Gain insights into the latest trends and developments in your field. Fresh knowledge is crucial for your success and is especially important for the environment.

  • Career Development: Course participation demonstrates initiative and commitment, opening doors for your ongoing career development.

  • Recognition: Our course certificate confirms your skills and knowledge.

  • Improved Job Performance: Acquire learning and practical skills that can be immediately applied in your daily work.

  • Expanded Network: Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange valuable experiences, and explore opportunities for collaboration with exciting partners across the industry.

  • Essential Knowledge of Declaration and Waste Regulations: Fulfil competency requirements related to waste declaration. Collaboration, training, and knowledge will contribute to a safer workplace.




“Well-executed course, well-timed breaks, and integrated exercises and questions. It makes heavy content easier to digest. Very skilled lecturers, the pace was manageable, and explanations were straightforward and easy to understand." - Participant.


Sign up today!

Participate in SAR's courses in 2024 and kickstart the year by investing in your professional development for a sustainable future and a safer workplace! We also offer tailor-made courses for your company upon request. Please contact us if this is desired. 

For more information, calendar and registration, visit our pages for courses and events.


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