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Our journey goes to SAR Mongstad

By Gro Lende on Dec 20, 2023 8:30:00 AM


We want to use this series of articles to present SAR's departments along the coast, from Hammerfest in the north to Stavanger in the south. Through our series, you will get to know our local departments and see how effective collaboration helps our customers create value from their waste. This is article number 6 in this series.


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Mongstad is a former rural area that has now been developed into an industrial area in the municipalities of Alver and Austrheim in Nordhordland, Norway. Mongstad is most renowned for the oil refinery and stands as one of the largest oil and product harbors in Europe, with approximately 1500 ship arrivals annually. Mongstad also has Norway's largest supply base in terms of tonnage over the quay.

SAR Mongstad is located in the upper part of the supply base, strategically positioned to receive waste from rigs and onshore industries. The location consists of two departments: a department for the reception and intermediate storage of hazardous waste (SAR Mongstad Service) and SAR Mongstad Treatment, the largest water treatment plant for hazardous waste in Norway.



North Hordaland - Learning Area for Sustainable Development

Nordhordland proudly holds the title of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. A biosphere reserve is a learning area for sustainable development, with the goal of achieving a better balance between preserving nature and culture, strengthening the economy, and ensuring positive societal development.

There is a concession for a district heating plant for the Mongstad Supply Base/industrial area, and the commencement plan is set for 2033.


History and future

SAR's process facility was initially built in 2011 by DVS Norge AS, specializing in waste management. Halliburton operated the facility until SAR purchased and took over the plant in 2015.

When SAR Bergen was relocated to Mongstad in the spring of 2016, it marked the beginning of a rapid development leading to the current state of the facility. At that time, there were approximately 20 employees, and by the end of 2023, the department has grown from 20 to 46 dedicated team members. It must be emphasized that the employees are not only team members but also "co-architects" and contributors to the company's development. Their passion, dedication, and ability to embrace challenges have been crucial and bode well for the journey ahead.


Lunsj Mongstad_web2

Picture from the Common Lunch: SAR Mongstad has an active social committee that contributes extra to create a strong sense of community on-site.


Turning waste to value

At SAR, we support the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with special attention to 6 core areas: Good health, quality education, decent work and economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production, and last but not least, collaboration to achieve goals. Experience and knowledge show that cooperation is needed to achieve results.

At Mongstad, various projects are continuously underway to increase resource utilization and reduce the environmental impact of operations. As an example, the design of new equipment is mentioned, which will result in a significant reduction in energy consumption, while also potentially increasing the production capacity for the Treatment plant.

In the effort to create a sustainable future, partners, local communities, and stakeholders are encouraged to join the journey towards a North Hordaland that not only meets its current needs, but also ensures a thriving legacy for future generations. "Turning waste to value" is not just a mantra; it is a commitment, a vision, and a promise that everyone at SAR takes ownership of.

To strengthen and maintain good collaboration in the region, SAR Mongstad is a proud member of the Nordhordland Business Association. Alongside 350 other member companies, this is a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and marketing.

We are all moving towards a future where economic growth and environmental considerations go hand in hand.


Reception and Treatment of Waste 

The majority of the waste received at SAR Mongstad comes from the oil industry/offshore,aditiionally, there is waste from onshore industries.


Waste Quantities
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 09.17.57

From January 1, 2023, to date, the department has received 41,000 tons of hazardous waste. In the same period, 101,379 tons of process/wash water from boats were received.








Unique Work Environment – Diverse Expertise

SAR Mongstad Service

The service department, as mentioned earlier, is involved in the reception, sorting, and forwarding industrial- and hazardous waste. Here, various types of waste are received, sorted, and forwarded, including paper/cardboard, metals, paint waste, oil-containing waste, and chemical residues, to name a few. The waste is received from offshore rigs, onshore facilities, boats, and other local customers mainly associated with the oil industry. The waste is handled according to SAR's processes, instructions, and procedures embedded in SAR's management system.

At SAR Mongstad Service, there is a close-knit team of 27 employees, spread across various key areas such as customer service, warehouse, wash hall, tank facility, and yard. They represent a diversity of women and men aged 18 to 64, creating a vibrant mix of extensive experience and youthful enthusiasm. Karina Borgen Solen leads the department and has been part of SAR Mongstad since its inception in 2016.

“The work at Mongstad Service is highly diverse, and each day is a new beginning that keeps us on our toes and adds new learning. The Service department collaborates closely with our Treatment department here and with the other SAR departments along the Norwegian coast.” - Karina Borgen Solen, Department Manager.


The customer center is located at the heart of SAR Mongstad and has a very central role in the daily operations.

Eleven dedicated employees work here. Their tasks are divided among order reception from customers, logistics, downstream processes, invoicing, and handling incoming invoices. They also assist customers with knowledge and advice. It is a friendly and service-oriented team committed to upholding SAR's vision and values.

Currently, two of the operators and a logistics coordinator work at Norway's largest oil refinery, Equinor Mongstad. The employees perform an excellent job for Equinor, and SAR is very grateful to have them as customers. At the refinery, waste is prepared for further transport to SAR Mongstad's location, involving sorting, packaging, and labeling of the waste.


Admin Mongstad_web      Karina_2_web2

Left picture, Customer Center: Siv Tove Meling, Siv Heidi Hodneland, Lelian Dam Rimarachin, and Susanne Kvamme. Right picture: Karina Borgen Solen Department Manager SAR Mongstad service



SAR Mongstad Treatment

The water treatment plant has a close collaboration with the other SAR locations. The majority of the water delivered to SAR Mongstad for treatment is water from SAR's own departments and treatment plants. The facility is licensed to treat 240,000 m3 of water and has a reception and storage capacity of 20,000 m3. The water undergoes chemical pre-treatment in a DAF process, before the sludge is dewatered in a centrifuge. Chemically treated water then undergoes a biological process that removes dissolved organic compounds, nitrogen, and phosphorus from wastewater. The biologically treated water is filtered through a system before being discharged into the sea.

There are a total of 19 employees at SAR Mongstad Treatment. Zlatko Hadzalic is the department manager for the water treatment plant, and with his diverse knowledge, he has been a vital resource for SAR for almost 10 years! Before joining SAR Mongstad, he led SAR operations in Kuwait.

Most operators have backgrounds in the chemistry-process field, but there are also employees with technical and mechanical backgrounds. In addition, there is a management team involved in administrative work.


Leder Mongstad Treatment_web

Zlatko Hadzalic, department manager at work.


Process Water: Contaminated water and aqueous solutions from various processes.

DAF: DAF® (Dissolved air flotation) Chemical flotation, dissolved by air flotation, is added to remove oil, heavy metals, and suspended solid particles.


Analysis and Technology

The laboratory is key to maintaining a quality that aligns with the strict requirements set in our processes and procedures. Various internal analyses are conducted at the department to optimize the operations in the treatment plant. To maintain the quality of the chemical cleanliness in the plant, JAR tests are performed, in addition to others. The results of these tests are our compass for fine-tuning chemical consumption in DAF, a crucial and central practice to bring us closer to the sustainability goal, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Mongstad has an emission permit, and the laboratory conducts necessary tests to ensure the quality of the water released to the sea. Additionally, samples are sent to an accredited laboratory to document compliance with the permit.

At SAR Mongstad, the laboratory is more than a room with various equipment; it is an arena for innovation, commitment, and our constant quest for improvement.

It is in the laboratory that quality meets sustainability, and each test is a triumph for our commitment to a greener future.

 Lab_crop2    Image from the laboratory: Sondre Isaksen, Production Planner Treatment, and Alise Tvilde Evensen, Quality Coordinator Service.


Nature and Surroundings in the Mongstad Area

In the municipality of Alver, there are 29,932 inhabitants. Alver boasts a wide range of natural landscapes, from high mountains to an archipelago with more than 800 islands.

It is a wonderful municipality, both to work in and to pursue recreational interests. One recreational offering is "Stolpejakten,"(pole hunt) which is organized annually by “Knarvikmila”, where Alver municipality is one of several supporters. Stolpejakten is a low-threshold activity for anyone who wants to get out on a hike, and you can “hunt for poles” in many of the beautiful hiking areas in Alver municipality.


Stolpejakt_Utsikt mot Mongstad_webv2  Vardetangen Mongstad

Left Image: From a pole hunt on Kolåsfjellet, with a view of the supply base. Right Image: Vardetangen, Norway's westernmost mainland point

SAR – Your Primary Partner in Waste Services

At SAR, we take pride in the responsibility we assume for our customers, the local environment, and our partners. We hope that our blog has provided some extra insight into our operations at the SAR department Mongstad.

Existing and new customers are welcome to contact us if you have questions or wish to use our services. Together, we find the best solutions: Greener and Safer!

The next stop on our journey is Risavika, so sign up for our newsletter to follow our entire "Norway Tour."

Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

Hi there, I am Gro, and I am tender- and marketing coordinator at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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