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Looking back at a great ONS 2022

By Nina Øglænd on Sep 15, 2022 2:46:08 PM

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This month more than 65 000 visitors from around the globe attended the energy conference and exhibition ONS in Stavanger.

For four days high-profile decision-makers and global influencers who are engaged in the world’s energy discussion gathered to share and explore how to build a sustainable energy future on the shoulders of the oil and gas industry. 


Sevland besøker standen vår

Image: ONS president Leif Johan Sevland,  Gro Lende - Tender- and marketing Coordinator in SAR, Carina Robberstad - Environmental Advisor in SAR.


With sustainable waste management as the core of our business SAR was a natural part in the discussions and attended ONS 2022 as an exhibitor. Furthermore, SAR’s IT & Digitalisation Manager, Alisa Smerdova, was invited to speak at the Technical summit and contributed to the conference with important knowledge on data -sharing on the ONS stage. 


Creating great value - together

Transitioning to a more sustainable energy industry is vital for the future. We recognises the importance of this transition and seeks to contribute through sustainable Waste Chain Management.  The stand therefore focused on conveying a message focused on collaboration and value thus displaying the theme “Collaboration and trust create great value” 

With this message SAR sought to create dialog with visitors to explore how waste in the energy industry can become a competitive advantage, when handled sustainably. At the stand SAR employees showcased concrete examples of collaborations where waste to product and waste to nature has created value.  

The SAR stand became a good scene for establishing new contacts and continue the conversation with existing customers and partners.  


Showcase the new SAR profile new logo.  

In 2020 the SAR profile went through a grand redesign. After 2 years of pandemic ONS has been the first major opportunity for SAR to showcase this new profile. The profile truly reflects the green and sustainability focus that has always been the core in all SAR’s operations.  


Launching a new electronic waste guide.  SAR Avfallsveilder - Book-1

During ONS SAR also took the opportunity to launch our new electronic waste guide.  The guide ensures that you get the information you need to be able to sort, classify, package, declare, label and transport waste in a safe and appropriate manner.

With this guide SAR seeks to contribute to a better practice at the origin, which will result in a more efficient flow of waste from the first stage onwards through the entire waste chain with a sustainable result.

Read more about the waste guide here (norwegian only).


Sustainable stand 

Sustainability also played a major role when developing the stand and stand materials for ONS. Therefore, the modules and frames used to build the SAR stand area is reusable and you can expect to see us on other venues in the future. 


Everyone participated 

We treasure the chance to interact with all our customers, suppliers and partners the entire company participated in the planning process of this year's ONS. All the major disciplines and departments contributed, and all departments were represented at the stand during the 4-day exhibition 


SAR’s IT & Digitalisation Manager, Alisa Smerdova, contributed at ONS 2022 Technical Session

Alisa Smerdova 2

Wednesday 31st August Alisa Smerdova IT & Digitalisation Manager at SAR spoke at a Technical Session on Value from Data Sharing.

In her speech Alisa focused on how collaboration between customers and waste management companies can be improved by data sharing technologies.

We are proud of Alisa who gave an inspirational talk on the importance of UN Sustainability Goal 17 “Partnership for the Goals, data sharing and collaboration to drive circular solutions from waste producers to more sustainable solutions going forward - Tor Olav Schibevaag, CEO SAR


Let us continue the conversation!

SAR hopes that everyone who participated at ONS 2022, weather they visited the SAR stand or not, reaches out for more information and advice on how to handle waste sustainably. Together we can turn waste to value! 


Get in touch with SAR  


Nina Øglænd

Written by Nina Øglænd

Hi there, I am Nina, and I am Commercial Director at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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