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A proud partner of Viking FK

By Gro Lende on May 31, 2023 9:10:26 AM

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At SAR, we are proud of the continuation of our longstanding partnership with Viking Football Club for the 2023-2024 season.

Based on experience, we have seen that collaborating with Viking has brought positive value to our company, employees, customers, individuals, and our community.


A proud partner of Viking FK


Strength and love

Viking's slogan is "Strength and Love," which speaks volumes about the club's vision and values, something we aim to support. Football, in general, has a broad impact, is practiced throughout the country, is inclusive, engaging, creates a healthy and positive environment, and serves various societal purposes.

We are especially looking forward to building new and exciting collaboration opportunities within the B2B network of Viking FK. Together, we can uncover new possibilities, strengthen each other, and facilitate sustainable solutions within the represented industries. For SAR, this means continuing to develop our core business of assisting companies in "turning waste into resources."


Inclusion and equal opportunities

At SAR, we support and cheer for the efforts made by the women's team in the second division and the men's team in the premier league. We are impressed by the performances, dedication, and atmosphere created on both the women's and men's sides.

It is important to us that Viking facilitates equal conditions for both genders in sports. This is also in line with SAR's vision that women and men should have equal opportunities and rights in the workplace. It is about inclusivity and appreciation to maintain and further develop a good and sustainable work environment.


With power and love for the environment


Environment and sustainability

At Viking, they are aware of the importance of having a good waste management plan. Collaborating with grassroots clubs through volunteer efforts to clean and maintain the arena and surrounding areas is a great initiative that creates positive ripple effects for grassroots sports and the environment.


Social responsibility - the most for the most

Social responsibility is an important part of Viking's overall strategy. This is reflected in various events and activities organized by the club, such as the Fiber Cup and Viking Gatelag.

The Fiber Cup is the country's largest sponsor tournament held annually in collaboration with Lyse. Significant amounts are collected for charitable purposes.

Last year, 550,000 Norwegian kroner was donated to cancer care. Viking Gatelag is a low-threshold offering for women and men with various forms of addiction. The goal is to improve the quality of life for this group.


Ups and downs create progress

Through the pandemic, we experienced how important sports, work, and other leisure activities are for adults, children, and youth. Now that we are back to "normal," we hope that as many people as possible continue to participate and find great joy in the sport as an activity, a workplace, and entertainment.

Results are achieved through knowledge, experience, and through ups and downs. This is also a reality in business. At SAR, we look forward to following the club throughout the 2023/2024 season and, of course, hope for many great experiences and progress for the white and blue!


SAR - A proud partner of Viking FK


Image, from the left side: Nina Øglænd (Commercial Director at SAR), Sindre Håland (Sales Manager at SAR), and Kjartan Salvesen (Marketing Manager at Viking).

Individually, we can achieve a lot - together, we can achieve even more!


Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

Hi there, I am Gro, and I am tender- and marketing coordinator at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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