As environmental advisors at SAR, it is a privileged opportunity for us to travel offshore to our customers and contribute to more sustainable and safe waste management. Through close dialogue with various roles on board and a strong focus on minimizing the footprint and improving waste flow, we work together with customers to identify and implement effective solutions in accordance with current regulations. In other words, communication and collaboration are the most important tools in this process.


Hanne og Marthe 2

Environmental Advisors Marthe Axdal and Hanne Hillestad Wold inspect a fluorescent tube container.


To establish good routines and plans, it is important to visit customers at the site where the waste is generated. Following the waste streams from their origin to final treatment provides essential knowledge and insight, while also uncovering needs related to the specific challenges faced by waste producers.


Solution-oriented approach to waste management

Waste management on a platform or drilling rig is complex and requires a thorough approach. Limited storage space, various types of waste requiring specific handling methods, and strict safety requirements to avoid accidents and marine pollution are some of the factors we encounter. Additionally, the transport of waste from the rig to the shore requires efficient and safe logistics methods that reflect regulatory requirements. To meet these challenges, it is crucial to have good and updated waste management plans that include training, clear procedures, appropriate equipment, and regular monitoring and evaluation of the handling processes.


Teaming up with our offshore customers

Here are some examples of how we, as environmental advisors, can assist our offshore customers, which have proven to be very effective for our clients:

  • Proper labeling of ordinary and hazardous waste

  • Use of appropriate packaging that is both safe and compliant with regulations

  • Ensuring safe and correct sorting through training and tailored sorting guides

  • Increasing competence in electronic declaration of hazardous waste

  • Customized training in waste management that reflects the waste generated


You will find the contact information for our environmental advisors if you have questions or want more information on how SAR can assist with sustainable offshore waste management.

SAR also offers both standardized and tailored courses for our customers and partners based on their wishes and needs. The courses can be held at the customers' premises, at one of SAR's facilities, or digitally in a webinar format (Teams). On our website, you will find our course calendar and registration information.


Do not miss out on important and valuable knowledge about the latest environmentally friendly practices and innovations. Our experience is that a culture that values learning and development also creates a more engaged and motivated working environment.


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Written by Gro Lende

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