In relation to the 5-year classification of the offshore supply vessel "Amalie," SAR, in partnership with Soltin Marine, recently conducted a significant upgrade. This upgrade involved the installation of a new main engine, a new exhaust gas cleaning system, and a new ballast water treatment system by SAR.

According to Tor Olav Schibevaag, CEO of the SAR Group, these modifications will lead to a decrease in strenuous operations and reduction in NOx emissions.

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Amalie - SAR tar Skippertak og reduserer miljøpåvirkningen til havs


NOx emissions and other pollution threaten the ocean - we have a responsibility

By replacing the main engine, the vessel has been made more reliable, which is crucial for mitigating potential hazardous situations that may occur during maritime logistics operations. The exhaust gas cleaning system effectively reduces the release of harmful emissions into the air and water.

The introduction of the new ballast water treatment system holds significant importance in safeguarding the climate and the environment. Vessels with ample storage capacity sometimes operate with less cargo relative to their capacity. To maintain balance, they take in seawater into the ballast tanks.

However, when the water is later discharged from these tanks, the vessel might enter different waters and run the risk of transporting bacteria that are not naturally indigenous to those ecosystems.

The new ballast water treatment system efficiently purifies the water prior to discharge, thereby preventing pollution and ecosystem harm. NOx emissions have been reduced from 45 kg/tonne to 6 kg/tonne after the change of engine, which corresponds to a reduction of almost 87% !

We take immense pride in implementing these advancements on the "Amalie" and the values they embody.


NOx is the collective term for nitrogen oxides NO and NO2, which are significant
components of harmful air pollution



We don't stop here - more initiatives are being explored!

Collaboratively, the Logistics Department led by Ove Sundvor and our HSEQ team are actively exploring additional prospects for enhancing boat logistics and reducing climate emissions.

Various factors, including engine load and speed optimization, are under scrutiny. Ove emphasizes the significance of even minor adjustments that can yield noteworthy benefits, and we are committed to seizing those opportunities.

Ove Sundvor SAR Gruppen

"Sometimes, even small adjustments can yield significant gains, and we don't want to miss out on those," says Ove Sundvor.


People - Planet - Profit

We aim to deliver high-quality and sustainable waste solutions to our customers and partners. Recognizing our responsibility, we actively explore novel approaches that contribute to reducing the climate impact across the entire value chain.

This entails a constant focus on enhancing our operations, whether it pertains to waste reception, treatment, or transportation, irrespective of whether it occurs onshore or offshore.

Ove emphasizes the importance of seizing significant gains from even minor adjustments, and we are determined not to overlook such opportunities.


An investment in the future

Through our diligent efforts to explore and implement upgrades, it is inevitable that the company will face increased costs. However, we are delighted to have the NOx Fund in place, which offers support for documented reductions in emissions.

This program not only acknowledges the significance of such initiatives but also highlights the importance of the support and collaboration it provides in assisting companies to achieve their environmental and sustainability objectives.

The primary objective of the NOx Fund is to finance specific measures aimed at reducing NOx emissions. It offers financial assistance to businesses for the implementation of green technologies and the reduction of NOx emissions.


Think sustainability and environmental conservation

Take the necessary steps to maintain complete control over waste management within your company, ensuring its safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective handling and treatment. This approach benefits both your company and the environment.

If you require further information about SAR and the consulting and environmental services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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