Our annual survey is crucial for SAR to enhance our products and services in a way that meets our customers' needs, ensuring a positive experience in all interactions with us. The feedback helps us stay on course and, most importantly, correct and adjust where necessary. Our customers know best where the "shoe pinches," and we greatly appreciate everyone who took the time to share thoughts and experiences with us. For us, it's about identifying strengths and weaknesses.


This year's survey has shown that the vast majority are highly satisfied with our service and the execution of a broad range of environmental services at all our locations, from Tananger in the south to Hammerfest in the north. We are, of course, very pleased with this!

However, there will always be areas where we can develop and become even better. Within the improvement areas identified in the survey, we have already initiated several initiatives to progress positively in the future, especially concerning the order receiving process and communication flow both internally and with our customers.

We are fortunate to have a large and diverse customer base, making the work and daily life at SAR exciting and meaningful. A significant goal for us in the future is to further improve in providing excellent service, adapting to the differences in the needs represented by various segments, related to both services, service, and contact surfaces.

Once again, we thank you for the engagement that provides valuable insights and inspiration, guiding future development for the benefit of our customers.


We look forward to continued collaboration in the times ahead!


Best regards,

All of us at SAR

Gro Lende

Written by Gro Lende

Hi there, I am Gro, and I am tender- and marketing coordinator at SAR Gruppen AS. Got any questions or thoughts on our recent news, our products or services? Get in touch!

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