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November 1st 2023, was not just an ordinary day at SAR; it was the day we celebrated Anne Lise Naaden's fantastic 20-year journey through changes and growth in the environmental industry.

Her role and dedication have made her a central and beloved colleague for many. Today marks a historic milestone when someone can boast such a long tenure in the same company, which is why we are thrilled to have secured an interview with her to gain an exclusive insight into the secrets and history behind such a lengthy and loyal employment in SAR.


When and how did your journey in SAR begin?

I started my job at SAR Deconterra back in 2003. SAR Deconterra was owned by SAR AS and the local contracting company Risa AS. SAR Deconterra specialized in soil remediation, which was carried out in various locations across the country, as well as in Sweden. Contaminated soil was treated through mobile treatment plants. There were extensive administrative and operational processes involved when equipment had to be moved and set up for different projects with significant geographical distances. The treatment plants were transported by truck, and there was a lot of preparatory work involved in setting up and dismantling the facilities. The soil being remediated contained hazardous substances such as lead and oil, which are harmful to nature and the environment. After the remediation process was completed, the soil was returned to nature. My tasks were primarily administrative, and there was much to familiarize myself with, both regarding the international aspect of the activity and concerning national regulations and laws. The company was headquartered at Oljeveien 5 in Tananger, where SAR still has its main office today.

In 2007, SAR Deconterra merged with SAR AS and became the SAR Averøy department. In this context, I accepted a new offer to take on the role of payroll manager for the company. This new role was later expanded to include a whole range of other HR services such as employment contracts, personnel matters, sick leave follow-up, salary negotiations, collaboration with occupational health services, and the organization of internal social events for employees. The work was very broad and varied, and at that time, technology had not advanced as much as it has today.

Therefore, the work required a high degree of accuracy, good planning, and "manual" control. At the same time, there were significant changes in the industry, and many exciting and creative projects were initiated within the company. During these years, there was an increasingly clear and growing recognition of climate change and environmental issues, which became guiding principles for all changes. Already at that time, there was a great sense of pride among the employees in our company associated with working on and being part of important activities and tasks within a wide range of environmental services.

For some years, we also had contracts with several major oil companies in the Middle East. This gave me new challenging tasks with responsibility for the employees regarding contracts, international employee handbook, and insurance policies for these personnel.

However, the most significant growth and change were associated with the year 2002 when a nationwide, large, and comprehensive waste contract was signed. The contract included the collection and handling of hazardous and industrial waste at all offshore bases, from Stavanger in the south to Hammerfest in the north. Several companies were acquired in this context to equip us to operate the new contract. This was undoubtedly the major catalyst for the expansion and presence we have today.

In line with the company's growth and the changes it brought, I took on yet another new role in 2022, and that is the role I still hold today. My area of responsibility is now even more focused on payroll and employee insurance follow-up. At the beginning of my career at SAR, we had about 90 employees. Today, we have a total of 350 employees on the payroll, representing 19 different nationalities and 7 different departments along our coast.

"Anne Lise is our skilled payroll leader. She has good control and is truly the historian of our HR department" - Guro Lunde, HR advisor in SAR


What makes your HR everyday life almost perfect at SAR?

Throughout my tenure, I have been fortunate to have such extensive contact and to know all employees by name! I am very proud of this and cherish this privilege every single day. It is important for me to build relationships and create trust based on the responsibility I have. The implementation of a newer and more modern payroll and personnel system has also had a very positive impact on my workday.

Additionally, we now have more colleagues in the HR department than before, all of whom contribute to a broad and diverse professional expertise in performing HR tasks together. Such a team and professional network make the workday educational, interesting, and enjoyable. There is no doubt that good professional networks contribute to strengthening my qualities.


How have technological advancements and governmental requirements affected your role and work?

It has been necessary to thoroughly understand regulations and requirements related to reporting, recruitment, and, most importantly, GDPR regulations. During the pandemic, SAR, like many other companies, adopted Teams as a new communication and collaboration tool. I prefer personal meetings with close dialogue and physical presence, but I also see the positives in what this has brought, such as the opportunity for remote work solutions and greater work flexibility.

I am truly proud that, with the help of this technology and the employees' adaptability and willingness to work, we managed to get through the pandemic without having to shut down any of our departments. In other words, innovation and adaptability are good!


What do you think are the main reasons you have become a pioneer at SAR?

First and foremost, it is about enjoyment and interest in the profession I represent. Additionally, the opportunities for development through role changes have been a contributing factor. I feel I have been involved in many exciting things over the years. With a diverse community, interest in the profession, and a growing environmental awareness, SAR is the place to be!

Moreover, the company's size has allowed me to gain an "overall picture" of our operations and organization, providing knowledge, understanding, and inspiration in my work. At SAR, I am fortunate to have colleagues from a wide range of genders, ages, nationalities, fields, and professions. This diversity creates a vibrant and pleasant collegial community that attracts new talents.


"With a diverse community, interest in the profession, and a growing environmental awareness, SAR is the place to be!" - Anne Lise Naaden


What do you think will be the success factors for SAR in the years to come?

We must continue to develop within the environmental and sustainability sectors and ensure that we are visible in the right places. Accessible, and good at creating value for our customers. The "green wave" has truly begun to gain traction through political actions, green technologies, increased environmental awareness in society, and a growing interest in sustainable development. This wave has only just begun, and we must certainly continue to follow it.

It will also be important to ensure continuous efforts to develop and take good care of the employees. We do this by creating space for creativity and facilitating development across disciplines and ages. I believe opportunities and development programs will be crucial factors for successful recruitment and long-lasting employment relationships in the years to come.


In short; sustainability, development, and an engaged team will be the main keys to success!

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Written by Gro Lende

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